Phonetics and Grammar

Phonetics and grammar often go together since the one may help you to comprehend the other. Indeed, they are two ingredients that will help you to understand the structure and the functioning of the French language more rapidly.

In order to help you understand the different rules that regulate phonetics, thanks to conversation, audio supports and reading, we will work together on the different French sounds and words that you will be taught to both recognize and pronounce.

At the end of each lesson, I will make my own personalized recordings enabling you to work by yourself and to re-listen to the sounds we will have worked on.

Grammar is an essential part of the French language. Conjugation, verbs, masculine/feminine of nouns and adjectives may appear intimidating but in French, like in many other languages, grammar helps you to understand how a language functions and this can be learnt. These lessons are designed to teach you the different rules that will lead to a greater understanding of the French language.

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