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What is a “Compte Personnel de Formation”?

The aim of the “Compte Personnel de Formation” (CPF), or personal training account, is to increase the level of qualification of each and everyone so as to secure his or her own professional career path. It is based upon the principle of a time bank, which starts when you enter the labour market and continues throughout your working life. Introduced in January 2015, it replaces the earlier system known as “Droit Individuel de Formation” (or DIF).

Who is it for?

It concerns all those active in the job market – workers, job-seekers and apprentices. It provides for an entitlement of up to 150 hours of free tuition accumulated over an eight-year period. If these criteria are met, the employer must agree to let you attend.

This account will open as from the age of 16 years old if the individual is no longer at school and is registered with the Unemployment Agency (Pôle Emploi) as a job-seeker. The account can be opened at the age of 15 if the individual signs an apprenticeship contract.

How does it work?

1) If the employee requests to use acquired training hours partially or fully during working hours, he/she will need the company’s agreement.

2) If the employee requests training hours to be used outside working hours, then the employer’s agreement is no longer required.

How long does it last for?

This account not only allows the employee to continue the training during his/her period of employment but also permits him to continue to benefit from the account if he looses his employment or if he simply decides to change activity.

How can French In Paris help?

French In Paris is accredited by the French government to provide CPF training and all of its training programs are eligible for reimbursement.

What must you do?

To benefit from the CPF, all you need to do is to inform your Human Resources Department.

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